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General Affairs Department

General Affairs’s Department is one of our school’s main administrative bodies. There are 6 sections established under the Head of the General Affairs Department, namely: Documents Section, Clerical Section, Maintenance Section, Property Safe-keeping Section, Cashier Section and Public Relation’s Office . The main duties of this department are to support the entire school’s teaching & administrative affairs; and to manage the various housing constructions, repairs & miscellaneous affairs, within the controlled budget.. In addition, this department takes care of documentations, general affairs, treasuries as well as the management of the school’s properties, campus environment improvement, campus safety, workers safety & hygiene, vehicles, staffs and coordination of the school’s administrative and treasury affairs. We sincerely would welcome your comments and suggestions.

Documentations Section is responsible for letters & documents categorization of the entire school, approving & designating numbers to official documents, recording & sending documents, scanning & filing incoming documents, computer correction & production of despatch documents, management of filed official documents, registration of postal documents, postage statistical reports etc., as well as to convene and assist in any document-related conferences.
Clerical Section

The mission of Clerical Section is to do our best, by way of operation transparence and computerized management, to serve each teacher and student of the school.
The responsibility of Clerical Section is to provide the campus with clean grounds, safety and sanitation, including management of the cuisine concourse, transportation, purchase, meeting room rental, part time students, laboratories , security and sanitation etc. The service scope is broadly inclusive of the daily life of the staff and students.

Job description:
1) Control of the school’s clerical plan.
2) Campus environmental protection, safety and sanitation.
3) Purchasing and duty-free import business.
4) Management of transportation.
5) Management of auditoriums,
6) Management of part time student-workers and gardeners.
7) Management of meeting rooms.
8) Environmental sanitation and maintenance.
9) Management of resources, classification and recovery.
Contact Channel
55, Hwa-Kang Road, Yang-Ming-Shan, Taipei 111 Taiwan, R.O.C
E-mail address
web: cauw administrator

Cashier Section
  • Payday on the 20th for full-time staff.
  • Payday on the 25th for part-time staff.
  • Income includes collection of students miscellaneous fees, vacation tuition fees, motorcars right-to-travel pass handling fees, promissory deposits, guarantee checks & other income.
  • Expenses include factories & companies fees, various sections
    fees, students scholarship award fees, worker-student fees.
Maintenance Section
  • New Construction Project’s commencement, contract signing, start of construction, site inspection.
  • Dormitories’aily maintenance & repair.
  • Maintenance & upkeep of water, electrical & air-conditioning systems.
Property Safe-keeping Section
  • Land and Building Management
  • Dormitory Management
  • Articles Management
  • Audio-Visual Materials Management
  • Property Management
  • Key Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Playground Management
Public Relation’s Office
  • Arrangement of local & foreign visitors’ itineraries and liaison with school.
  • Various important ceremonies, conferences, speech activities, selections of news manuscripts, writings & releases, etc.
  • Awards of honorary doctorate degree ceremonies & related matters.
  • Production of school’s English & Chinese messages.
  • Release & production of our University’s News & Information.
  • Plan & sponsor our school’s anniversary ceremonies.
  • Communicate & strengthen ties with various schools and increase collaboration with them.
  • Handling of school’s unexpected matters.
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